D B K 06 Kit Bag

Similar to the Q Mag Bag, the DBK 06 is a great bag for all things bulky as it has a large inner compartment, divided into 2 sections at 1/3 which has an internal pocket and 2 more inner pockets, end pockets, rounded zip top & padded shoulder strap.

Code: D B K 06 Kit Bag

Size of bag: 260 H x 685 L x 325mm W

Internal Pocket:140 H x 110 L x 50mm W

Side Pocket: 215 H x 295 L x 25mm W

Front pocket: Nil  

(All measurements are cut size only. Finished product will be slightly smaller.)   




D B K 06 Kit Bag
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  • Item #: DBK06KB
  • Manufacturer: RBM Industrial Bags - Australia
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: DBK06KB
  • Condition: New
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Price + Freight A$218.30

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