D C 1 Electrical Tool Bag

Popular across a number of trades and smaller than the EM 3 Electrical Tool Bag, the DC 1 is a compact bag, big on features. Standard inclusions are 2 front pockets, a centre divider with 2 tool rails, reinforced and a padded shoulder strap.

Code: DC 1 Electrical Tool Bag

Size of Bag: 210 H x 315 L x 115mm W

Front Pocket: 150 mm x 115 L x 55mm W

Side Pocket: Nil

(All measurements are cut size only. Finished product will be slightly smaller.) 


D C 1 Electrical Tool Bag
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  • Item #: DC1ETB
  • Manufacturer: RBM Industrial Bags - Australia
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: DC1ETB
  • Condition: New
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Price + Freight A$187.00

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