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A&S Small Kit Bag AnS Fitters Bag (Large) 1031 Small Personal Kit Bag
A&S Small Kit BagA&S Large Fitters Bag1031 Small Personal Kit Bag

Smaller than the A&S Large Kit Bag, the smaller version has 2 stepped outside pockets on one side & a large pocket on the opposite side. 

We've taken the best bits and combined them all to make the AnS Fitters Bag. The bag boasts a large stepped out pocket on the back wall, reinforced base, large padded shoulder strap and front and side pockets.

Smaller version of the Large Personal kit Bag, this compact, simple bag has a wide shoulder strap but DOES NOT have a board in the base. (All measurements are cut size only. Finished product will be slightly smaller.)





LTB 0412 (Small) Lockable Tool Bag LTB 0512 (Large) Lockable Tool Bag Image Large Canvas Kit Bag in Green
LTB 0412 (Small) Lockable Tool Bag LTB 0512 (Large) Lockable Tool BagA&S Large Kit Bag

A great bag which is fully lockable, the LTB 0412 has a wide padded shoulder strap, large front pocket for documents, tablets and Iphones and 2 "Billy Can" pockets on the other side with a curved zip top & double slides which lock.

The LTB 0512 is popular, well designed and has multi purpose written all over it. Standard Colours are green and grey or blue and grey.

One of the biggest bags in the RBM range, this bag has a huge inner compartment.





SM3 Welder Helmet Bag Image T B 0709 Kit Bag T B R 407 Bag
SM3 Welder Helmet BagT B 0709 Kit BagT B R 407 Bag

Large open inner compartment to fit a standard welder helmet. One large stepped out pocket at rear of bag with reinforced base, padded shoulder strap & enclosed zip with 2 zip slides


New to the range medium sized Kit Bag. A large stepped out pocket on the side and one on the front. Inner  is divided into 2 sections, which is subsequently divided into four


Large Velcro fastened front pocket, padded shoulder strap, reinforced base & an inner compartment, divided into halves length ways with the back half divided  into halves again





NP 1 New Pac Electric Bag Photos NP 1 Electric Tool Bag PC N P 1 Field Maintenance Tool Bag Photos
N P 1 New Pac Electrical BagN P 1 Electrical Tool BagN P 1 Field Maintenance Tool Bag

Same size as the NP 1 Electrical bag, this one has the flaps sewn onto the inside top of the bag, to assist in keeping the rain out. Other features remain the  same


Another bag of choice and popularity, is the NP1 Electrical Tool Bag. Smaller than the EM 3 Electrical, this versatile bag has 2 front pockets & 2 side pockets, centre divider, 2 tool rails and reinforced base.


Built for more bulky tools, this is a great bag. It still features the 2 front pockets and side pockets, but in this bag the centre remains open allowing for bigger spanners and hammers.





Document Bag - Heavy Duty D B K 06 Kit Bag B G R 05 Bag
Document Bag - Heavy DutyD B K 06 Kit BagB G R 05 Bag

This simple high visibility bag is perfect for transporting manuals, log books and cd’s into the field. It has a padded shoulder strap and reinforced base and comes complete with a 2”wide reflective tape strip.


Similar to the Q Mag Bag, the DBK 06 is new to the range & has a large inner compartment, divided into 1 x 1/3  + internal pocket & 2 more inner pockets, end pockets, rounded zip top & padded shoulder strap.


Variation of the H C C this compact carry bag has a reinforced base, 2 side pockets. Great for carrying instruments and fragile equipment.





LPB 0714 (Large) Lockable Carry Bag 1033 Carry Bag Photos C N P 05 Tool bag
LPB 0714 (Large) Lockable Carry Bag1033 Carry BagC N P 05 Tool bag

Large enough to comfortably fit a RHINO, A&S Large Fitters or the EM 3 Electrical Tool Bag with extra room for a pair of shoes, jeans or jacket, your tools will remain secure.

Simple soft pack bag with spacious inner compartment, wide shoulder strap and fastened using 2 leather tongue & buckles.(All measurements are cut size only. Finished product will be slightly smaller.)


This traditional canvas tool bag features 2 front pockets, 2 side pockets, a padded shoulder strap, a reinforced base and 1 tool rail. 





Snowy Hydro Kit Bag T E T 01 Tool Bag D C 2 Electrical Tool Bag Photos
Snowy Hydro Kit BagT E T 01 Tool BagD C 2 Electrical Tool Bag

This compact PVC bag is perfect for fire blankets, harnesses or just has a simple small kit bag. The bag features a reinforced base, 2 x 1" webbing carry handles and a zip which runs the length of the bag, end to end.

Manufactured in Canvas & simple in design the TET01 has a large inner compartment, reinforced base and padded shoulder strap


Simple and versatile it could be a tool bag or a kit bag, which has a centre divider with 2 tool rails, reinforced base and padded shoulder strap. Standard Colours are Green and Grey.




N S C Special Kit Bag Executive Computer Portfolio NP 1 Field Maintenance Back Pack
N S C Special Kit BagExecutive Computer PortfolioNP 1 Field Maintenance Back Pack

Simple multi purpose kit bag, great for everything. This soft pac bag has two webbing carry handles (one on each side) + a large outside pocket. Bag can be made with or without the front pocket...


New to RBM Industrial Bags, manufactured in 750g UV treated, Woven Polyester, this stylish portfolio is practical & tough. Currently $208.00 in Black Only!

The NP 1 Back Pack is complete with 2 large pockets on the front and an open middle with a tool rail on the back wall of the bag. Padded, adjustable shoulder straps, a reinforced base complete the picture.




Draw String Top Kit Bag NP 1 Back Pack Special Electrician Tool Bag
Draw String Top Kit BagNP 1 Back Pack SpecialElectrician Tool Bag

Cylindrical draw string all purpose bag (based on an army duffle bag), manufactured in PVC with a  2“ webbing shoulder strap 


The NP 1 Special back pack features a water bottle pouch on 1 side (holds 1L bottle) & has 2 large front pockets. Internally there’s a centre divider + 2 rows of 6 tool rails in a variety of sizes.


Fold away soft pack electrical tool bag, which reveals a large tool rail, small document wallet on the inside lid, 1 x outside pocket + 2 x inner pockets + padded shoulder strap.





N P 12 Field Maintenance Bag Photos S S 06 Satchel Carry Bag C W P 06 Large Kit Bag
N P 2 Field Maintenance BagS S 06 Satchel Carry BagC W P 06 Large Kit Bag

Inner Compartment has 1 tool rail, 2 outside stepped out pockets, reinforced base & padded shoulder strap NB. Also comes in Electrical which has a centre divider & 2 tool rails


The SS 06 is a soft pack tool/kit bag with a 1” webbing shoulder strap, Top flap is secured with 2 durable dot studs for easy access


Large kit bag fastened with heavy duty zip, the bag also features a generous inner compartment with a large front pocket, 2 by 1” webbing carry handles as well as an adjustable shoulder strap.





EM 1 Canvas Electric Tool Bag Photos B M S 04 Kit Bag Series 600 Tool bag
EM 1 Canvas Electrical Tool Bag B M S 04 Kit BagSeries 600 Tool bag

Nothing beats a classic…. Manufactured in 12 Oz dark green canvas is the EM 1 Canvas bag. Simple in its design, it features 2 front pockets, open inner compartment (no centre divider) & a reinforced PVC base.



A fairly simple multi purpose kit bag, great for bulky items. This soft pack bag has 2 webbing carry handles (one on each side) plus a large outside pocket and can be manufactured with or without the front pocket.


New to our range & based on the EM 3 the Series 600 is a big bag, measuring a whopping 600mm in length with 2 front pockets, document wallet (heat welded) & inner compartment divided into 2 with 2 tool rails





EM 2 Canvas Electrical Tool Bag Photos C P MM 500 Canvas Bag I M T Tool Bag
EM 2 Canvas Electrical Tool Bag C P MM 500 Canvas BagI M T Tool Bag

Variation of the EM 1 ETB and also in 12 Oz dark green canvas, the EM 2 Bag features outside front pockets, a centre divider and 2 tool rails, one on the back wall and one on the centre divider, as well as a reinforced PVC base.


Made in heavy duty canvas with a reinforced PVC base, this compact bag is open inside and has a large pocket at the front fastened with touch tape which is manufactured in PVC.


Another smaller yet practical bag is the IMT Tool Bag, which features large end pockets x 2 with a reinforced base, document wallet sewn into lid & centre divider with 2 tool rails





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