LPB 0714 (Large) Lockable Carry Bag
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Need to lock away your traditional RBM tool bag? No worries... RBM have designed and manufactured a large bag perfect to lock your tool bag in whilst flying in and out to your next job. Large enough to comfortably fit a RHINO, A&S Large Fitters or the EM 3 Electrical Tool Bag with extra room for a pair of shoes, jeans or jacket, your tools will remain secure. It's a practical add on and selling like hot cakes. Manufactured in two colours the bag is complete with a 2" (50mm) webbing carry handles sewn with Boston Cross stitch and a soft reinforced base.

Size of Bag:  800mm L x 370mm W x 300mm H

(All measurements are cut size only. Finished product will be slightly smaller.)  

  • Item #: LPB0714Large
  • Manufacturer: RBM Industrial Bags - Australia
  • Condition: New

LPB 0714 (Large) Lockable Carry Bag

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