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Draw String Top Kit Bag EM3 Field Maintenance Tool Bag JLTB 0915 Electrical Lockable Tool Bag
Draw String Top Kit BagEM3 Field Maintenance Tool BagJLTB 0915 Electrical Lockable Tool Bag

Cylindrical draw string all purpose bag (based on an army duffle bag), manufactured in PVC with a  2“ webbing shoulder strap 


Similar in size n features of the EM 3 Tool Bag. Inner compartment with NO centre divider, 1 tool rail , 2 outside end pockets & 2 outside front pockets, reinforced base & padded shoulder strap


The JLTB 0915 has a clear plastic doc wallet, lockable centre divider, 5 large internal pouches, lockable front pocket excellent for Ipad Mini or your phone and large lockable end pockets.




JLTB 0915 Field Maintenance Lockable Tool Bag MHA Kit Bag RHINO Tool Bag Photos
JLTB 0915 Field Maintenance Lockable Tool BagMHA Kit BagRHINO Tool Bag

 A mirror image of the JLTB Electrical Tool Bag but without the centre divider, the field maintenance bag features a spacious interior with 3 large pouches on the back wall and 5 pouches of varying sizes.


This versitile kit or crib bag showcases a spacious inner compartment with 3 velcro fastened pockets and a large front pocket big enough for an Ipad Mini. Reflective tape and a reinforced base adds to the bags practicality.


One of the most popular RBM Industrial Tool Bags, this monster Electrical Tool Bag has a massive centre, one divider, 2 tool rails with 7 tool slots each, front pockets, 2 side pockets and a document wallet. Standard colours are Red Body and Grey Trim.




AnS Fitters Bag (Large) EM 2 Canvas Electrical Tool Bag CM 98 Electrical Tool Bag
A&S Large Fitters BagEM 3 New Pac Electrical Tool BagCM 98 Electrical Tool Bag

We've taken the best bits and combined them all to make the AnS Fitters Bag. The bag boasts a large stepped out pocket on the back wall, reinforced base, large padded shoulder strap and front and side pockets.

Similar in size and features of the EM 3 ETB, the EM 3 New Pac has a centre divider, 3 tool rails, end pockets,  front pockets plus 2 inner flaps sewn on the inside top of the bag fastened together with touch tape.


Medium in size, the CM 98 is BIG on features and has front and side pockets, 2 centre dividers, 5 tool rails, a reinforced base and a large padded shoulder strap. 





EM3 Electrical Tool Bag G R 3 Electrical Tool Bag small, medium and now the Large Tool Kit Bag (Seen here in Orange)
EM3 Electrical Tool Bag G R 3 Electrical Tool BagLarge Tool Kit Bag HET 1015

Still one of the most popular bags in our range, the EM 3 has end pockets, 2 front pockets & inner compartment with a center divider plus 2 flat tool rails, reinforced base and document wallet. (costs extra)


A VERY popular choice amongst all trades, the GR 3 Electrical features a centre divider, 2 tool rails, 1 large outside front pocket, side pockets, a reinforced base and padded shoulder strap. Want a Document Wallet? Add it.

Pictured in orange the largest in the range of RBM Tool Kit Bags, it's so handy you'll wonder how you ever did without it. 1" webbing carry straps and 2 zip slides enabling the bag to be locked, it's compact and practical.